On-Chain Analytics × INDEX

Offer high performing INDEX through all transaction analytics


LOCKON composes INDEX based on the asset portfolio of wallet addresses being tracked

Everyone can thereby easily benefit from a high-performing INDEX.



All you do is select the INDEX

You can also use your credit card to automatically make a fixed monthly investment.

  • How to use

    In addition to purchasing INDEX tokens with DEX or CEX, credit card subscriptions are supported.

  • Safety of user assets

    We do not take custody of user assets.

    User assets and orders are managed by smart contracts, so no one but users/smart contractors can move their own assets or place orders, Users are in control of their own assets at all times.

  • On-Chain Analytics

    INDEX is composed based on high-quality wallet addresses that continue to generate profits over the medium to long term.

    These wallet addresses are selected from among more than 720 million unique addresses that have been consistently profitable even during the FTX and LUNA scandals.

    We have selected those with low drawdowns even during times of major volatility, and furthermore, only tokens with sufficient liquidity have been selected.

You can benefit from LOCKON in a variety of ways

  • INDEX Token

    You can obtain tokens simply by swapping at the DEX.

  • INDEX Deposit

    Sometimes you can buy tokens at a lower price than you can buy at DEX.

  • Credit Card

    Can be purchased directly on credit card, no need to purchase via crypto assets.

  • Subscription

    e.g.) Automatically purchase INDEX tokens at a fixed monthly rate of $100.


  • What is different from other existing indices?

    LOCKON does not compose INDEX with only specific tokens, but rather analyzes transactions of wallet addresses that are actually continuously profitable to compose INDEX.

    Therefore, INDEX LOCKON offers proves to be more profitable than existing indices.In addition, LOCKON will automatically review and replace selected tokens based on profitability, risk, and volatility.

  • Is the wallet address tracked by LOCKON trustworthy?

    LOCKON does not track addresses that are making short-term profits, but analyzes all transactions over a minimum of one year. Therefore, we determine wallet addresses that have been continuously profitable even in highly volatile market environments such as FTX shock.

  • How much is the transaction fee?

    The commission is 0.2% per transaction. Please refer to theGitBook linkfor details.