Analyzed Target Addresses 200,000,000+
Uncover the Best Crypto Traders

The first and only platform where you can find the most profitable wallet addresses and reproduce their transactions to make a profit.

About Us

LOCKON is a service that analyzes the transactions of all wallet address on the multi-chain and replicates the transactions of superior wallets that are continuously profitable.

About Us
About Us

200 million addresses analyzed

LOCKON analyzes transaction history of over 200 million Wallet Addresses on Ethereum network.

Verification of profitability

LOCKON reveals the one-year trend for each address and uncover profitability

Ranking the Most Profitable Addresses

Rank 1st
Rank 2nd
Rank 3rd

Follow Traders and Reproduce Profits

Find the most profitable Crypto traders, reproduce their trades on our platform and make the same profits.


  • Instant notifications of the best traders’ trades

    You will receive trading notifications of the best Crypto traders as revealed in the rankings.

    This provides users with optimal trading opportunities.

  • Asset management

    LOCKON also is an excellent place for your asset management.

    You can manage past asset trends, deposits and withdrawals, portfolios, and transaction history.

  • Easy to replicate transactions

    LOCKON features aggregator and bridge functions to replicate the same execution prices as excellent Crypto traders.

    This provides users with optimized trading.

  • Transaction Price Optimization

    LOCKON supports not only receiving notifications, but also trading.

    Users can easily trade on a single UI, from receiving notifications to the actual transaction.

Token Economy

  • Staking Reward

    By staking LOCK tokens to an address, you will receive staking rewards as well.

    The more shooters (users who turn on the lock) of the target address, the higher the reward percentage you gain.

  • Follower Ranking Reward

    Rewards are granted to shooters using LOCKON according to their ranking, and shooters are ranked according to the profit earned by using LOCKON.

  • Token Burn

    A portion of the usage fees, transaction fees and stake rewards would be burned periodically to maintain the value of the token.

  • Referrals

    By inviting friends and acquaintances, you can receive $LOCK for each invitee’s use of our services.

  • Early Access

    After the official release, initial members will receive $LOCK as an Early Access benefit.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution


  • NextWebCapital
  • Fracton
  • Shiba Kohshi

    (Founder of InsureDAO)
  • Tokenstand

*with more to come

Planned Support Chain







  • BSC






  • AVAX






  • NEAR